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Empowering women to participate in the integration of internally displaced persons (IDP) in local society

Donor: The Government of Canada

Project Duration: December 2, 2015 – February 26, 2016)

Project Goal:  To support integration of IDP community into mainstream society through women’s empowerment and active participation.

Project Activities:

1. Training for IDP and Local Women;

2. Meeting of the We – Wo+Men” Debate Club;

3. Women Civil Forum;

  1. Community Initiatives Support
  1. Advocacy



Livelihood Initiatives to Foster Employability and Entrepreneurship of IDPs and host populations in Georgia – “LIFE Georgia”

Donor: EU
Project Duration: January 1, 2015 – September 30, 2016
Project Goals:

1)      To contribute to poverty reduction among conflict affected / displaced persons and their host communities in Georgia by facilitating their socioeconomic integration and inclusive participation in broader economic development processes.

2)       To increase opportunities for sustainable livelihoods of conflict affected / displaced persons and host communities in Samegrelo and Shida Kartli by fostering inclusive and gender sensitive policies, supporting professional development and access to employment in collaboration with duty bearers, service providers and civil society actors.

Implementing Organizations: Organizations Consortium – ASF Spain, ATINATI, RDFG, EfD, LAG, SPF/LAG, World Vision Georgia

Project Activities Implemented by ATINATI:
1. Business Training;
2. Job-seekers’ Training;
3. Financial Support for successful training participants through the provision of small-scale business grants or toolkits

4. Internship

5. Job-Fair

6. Film about the project

7. “Employment Shuttle”Spanish Model of Employment Program






Prevention and Elimination of Sexual and Gender Based Violence

Donor: UNHCR

Project Duration: 12 months (January 1, 2016 – December 31, 2016)

Project Goal:  To support prevention and reduction of violence and assist victims of violence.
Project Activities:
1. Crisis Center for victims of violence and free psychological, legal and medical consultations for them;
2. Informational meeting on violence issues in IDP collective centers and IDP Settlements;
3. Psychological Counseling;


  1. Training for men on gender-based violence using “Men Talk To Men” methodology.


  1. Meeting with invited guests (a psychologist, a lawyer, a doctor and a priest) on early marriage issues for students in grades 10-12;


  1. Social advertisement on Radio ATINATI on violence prevention;


  1. Coordination Meeting on Violence issues.

Promoting Integration, Tolerance and Awareness Program in Georgia (PITA)

  • funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), is being implemented in Georgia by United Nations Association of Georgia (UNAG). The project includes a variety of activities to strengthen national integration in Georgia. In particular: functioning youth Civic Centers on the basis of non-governmental organizations; strengthen non-governmental organizations to lead civic engagement and diversity management issues; supporting educational, exchange and other programs to deepen relationship between young people from different regions, using regional and national media resources to raise awareness of society and encourage national discussions.

Direct beneficiaries age group 18-25. Activities include: Renewing work of Youth Centers, mini-grants for youth, local civil activism by young people, annual meetings and conferences, regional exchange programs, orientation trainings for employment, cooperation with private sectors and academy, trainings and seminars, simulations, youth campaigns.

Applied Civic Education and Teacher Training Program (ACETT) -2010-2014

USAID-funded Applied Civic Education and Teacher Training Program (ACETT) was implemented by PH International in partnership with the Centre for Training and Consultancy (CTC), 11 regional partner NGOs and Civics Teachers Forum from 2010 – 2014. The program was also supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.

The goal of the program was to improve the quality of school civic education program and help youth to become more active in building a democratic society. The program covered 740 schools in 11 regions of Georgia.  During the program the students had an opportunity to establish civic education clubs and organize various events, meetings, study visits and etc.

As part of the program students received training, participated in study visits and internships in various organizations, met and had conversations with interesting people, took part in mini forums, civic camps and a grant program.

Teachers also received training, participated in Teachers’ forum and contest.


The Momavlis Taoba Program (MT)

“Momavlis Taoba” (Future Generation Program) (MT) is implemented by PH International in Georgia with the financial support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia (MES). The program is implemented in collaboration with the Center for Training and Consultancy (CTC), Civics Teachers’ Forum and 11 Georgian regional non governmental organizations.

The goal of MT is to promote youth civic engagement and enhance civil society’s role in promoting transparent and accountable governance at the national and local levels by expanding and institutionalizing secondary school civics education curricula and practical applications.

MT works with 480 schools across Georgia.  The program offers many different non-formal education opportunities both for students and teachers: Development of Supplemental Civic Education Materials, Civic Education Teacher Training, Professional Development for Civics Teachers, Cooperation with MES (Seminars about the importance of civic education will be held for the representatives of Education Resource Centers), Applied Learning (Partner NGOs in eleven regions of Georgia are engaged in facilitating the implementation of Civics Clubs activities that address community and school needs), Social Media Training, Summer Camps, Civic Initiatives Support Mini-Grant Program, Civic Education Web Portal.

Implementation of Accompanied Measures for Socio-economic Integration of IDP communities”

With the financial support of Municipal Development Fund of Georgia and Reconstruction and Development Bank of Germany (KfW) Association ATINATI started to work on the “Implementation of Accompanied Measures for Socio-economic Integration of IDP communities” project in February of 2015. The project is implemented in partnership with GOPA Consulting.

The project aimed to support social and economical integration of IDPs and continued for 8 months.

The project beneficiaries were the IDPs living in the following IDP settlements rehabilitated or built by KfW:

  • Zugdidi IDP Settlement (Laghidze St # 4)
  • Poti IDP Settlement (Mshvidoba St #12)
  • Kutaisi IDP Settlement (Chavchavadze St #58)
  • Tskaltubo IDP Settlement (9 April Street)

NGOs were established at all 4 locations: Union “Ertsulovneba” (Zugdidi), Union “Skhivi 2015” (Poti), Union “Inter-Group” (Kutaisi) and Union “Support for Future Success” (Tskaltubo).

Office space was provided for NGOs in 3 locations – Zugdidi, Poti and Kutaisi (Kutaisi office will serve Kutaisi and Tskaltubo NGOs). All offices were supplied with all the necessary technical equipment, furniture and other office inventory.

A total of 24 IDPs have been employed in various positions at all four NGOs. They were provided with regular training on various topics, such as organization management, fundraising, advocacy, and etc.

At the same time they were re-trained at various professional colleges and organizations according to their needs.

The NGOs are actively working to identify the needs in their communities, plan and implement various actions, work on fundraising and cooperate with other local or international NGOs.