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About us

ATINATI- For Your Bright Future

Association ATINATI is the first public Non Governmental Organization established in Zugdidi in 1995. It has been functioning successfully for over 20 years and continues to make a positive difference to individuals, society and the environment.

A high level of public trust, earned by ATINATI, can be explained by several key factors: 1) highly qualified personnel, 2) a comfortable learning environment, 3) a strong material-technical base, and 4) organization-owned media outlet – Radio ATINATI FM 105.9. More than 100 successfully implemented projects as well as thousands of grateful and satisfied people are our leading indicators of success.

ATINATI’s mission:

ATINATI’s mission is to promote the establishment of an educated, tolerant and free society. To accomplish its mission, ATINATI raises information awareness of the citizens in Western Georgia and implements projects that aim to strengthen citizen rights and involvement. The organization pays special attention to the needs of most vulnerable groups among IDP’s (considering organization’s regional location).

Currently, we work on the following directions:

  1. Civil society development:

With the support of donors ATINATI is implementing the following initiatives in this area:

  • Non-formal education programs for young people, children and teachers. Our organization establishes youth clubs in public schools, pays attention to the enrollment and teacher qualifications, and works with parents. ATINATI is also involved in EU funded “ERASMUS +” program and organizes youth exchange visits. As part of the European Voluntary Service (EVS) program, ATINATI hosts European volunteers and sends local volunteers to various organizations in Europe.
  • ATINATI is committed to raising public awareness about “voluntarism” and is actively involved in community service work.
  • The organization works with women and helps them to strengthen and develop their leadership and entrepreneurship skills.
  • ATINATI creates opportunities for cooperation between Governmental, Non-Governmental and Business sectors in order to bring them closer to each other and support citizens’ involvement in decision making possesses.
  • Strengthening social institutions and organizations: Atinati’s Information-Consulting Service provides regional Non-Governmental Organizations with information and training to support their development.
  1. Assistance to Socially Vulnerable People

In this area ATINATI works with IDPs, victims of violence (mainly women and children) and migrants. Victims of violence are provided with psychological and legal consultation as well as medical help. ATINATI also works with the perpetrator and spreads information about violence and its prevention. The organization is also dedicated to protecting Georgian Migrants’ Rights.

  1. Information and Awareness Raising

ATINATI  has its own media-outlet –Radio ATINATI (FM 105.9) broadcasting in West Georgia (including Abkhazia). We strive to broadcast objective and unbiased news, and the fact that the Georgian Opinion Research Business international (GORBI) recognized Radio ATINATI as the most objective Radio in Georgia is one of the best indicators of our success.

Working with Youth

Atinati is actively working with youth. Active citizenship, democracy building, promotion of volunteerism, working with socially excluded groups and youth from rural areas have always been integral parts of our projects.  Some of our recent projects are:

  • Youth Participation and Development ­– financed by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in partnership with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).
    The aim of the project is to enhance social integration of young people from conflict affected areas by promoting confidence building and youth engagement.
    Specific objectives: Foster an increasingly stable, integrated, and healthy society by targeting young people in the conflict affected areas of Georgia, supporting their skills development, civic engagement and participation.
    Project activities are: Teacher training; Environmental activities and Information Campaigns; Charity, Community and Volunteering activities; Meetings with interesting people and experts; Youth Science Conferences; Study Visits; Internships at Governmental and Non Governmental Organizations; Photo, video and essay competitions; Small Grant Competition; Thematic Radio Shows; Youth Education Camps.
  • “Momavlis Taoba” (Future Generation Program) (MT) – implemented by PH International in Georgia with the financial support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia (MES). The program is implemented in collaboration with the Center for Training and Consultancy (CTC), Civics Teachers’ Forum and 11 Georgian regional non governmental organizations. The goal of MT is to promote youth civic engagement and enhance civil society’s role in promoting transparent and accountable governance at the national and local levels by expanding and institutionalizing secondary school civics education curricula and practical applications. MT works with 480 schools across Georgia. The program offers many different non-formal education opportunities both for students and teachers: Development of Supplemental Civic Education Materials, Civic Education Teacher Training, Professional Development for Civics Teachers, Cooperation with MES (Seminars about the importance of civic education will be held for the representatives of Education Resource Centers), Applied Learning (Partner NGOs in eleven regions of Georgia are engaged in facilitating the implementation of Civics Clubs activities that address community and school needs), Social Media Training, Summer Camps, Civic Initiatives Support Mini-Grant Program, Civic Education Web Portal.
  • Promoting Integration, Tolerance and Awareness Program in Georgia (PITA)implemented by United Nations Association of Georgia (UNAG) with the financial support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).
    The purpose of the project is to strengthen national integration in Georgia. Direct beneficiaries of the project are young people between the ages of 18 and 25. Activities include, but are not limited to: Youth Centers, mini-grants for youth, local youth activism, annual meetings and conferences, regional exchange programs, employment training program, cooperation with private sector and academy, training and seminars, simulations, youth campaigns.
  • Volunteer of Georgia – implemented by ATINATI in Samegrelo Zemo-Svaneti Region in cooperation with the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs. The project is based on the Georgian National Youth Policy Document. Eighteen young people between the ages of 18 and 25 are selected from 9 municipalities of Samegrelo region to receive a 5-day training session. Upon completion of the training they establish and coordinate 9 Volunteer Clubs. Direct beneficiaries of the project are 200 volunteers (club members) and 18 coordinators from 9 municipalities. Activities are planned and implemented based on the needs of the municipalities: Movie Show and Discussions, advocacy campaigns, environmental events, celebration of the international days, creativity events, meeting with interesting guests, charity activities, sport activities and competitions, social radio commercials and training based on youth needs. The program aims to strengthen volunteering, to develop a network of volunteers across the country, to raise civic awareness while promoting voluntary work, to increase the number of young people interested in volunteering across the country, to eliminate false stereotypes about volunteerism in Georgia, to encourage and promote work carried out by volunteers.